Sunday, April 3, 2011

Springing into Spring

Here are some of the fun activities that I hope to accomplish with the little one with spring. Some are from old lists. Others are new. But they all offer an opportunity for a bunch of fun. (Completed items are in italics).

1. Have a picnic outside
2. Look through a telescope (Logan has been loving outer space lately).
3. Visit the nature center
4. Go to the zoo
5. Meet some baby farm animals
6. Visit 3 new playgrounds 2 out of 3
7. Take pictures with the Easter Bunny
8. Go on an Easter egg hunt
9. Visit tall ships
10. Walk around down town
11. Paint a bird house
12. Make bird treats
13. Plant a vegetable garden
14. Plant sunflowers
15. Visit a new children's museum
16. Feed the ducks
17. Eat an ice cream cone (with sprinkles)!
18. Go strawberry picking
19. Decorate Easter eggs
20. Go on a trip
21. Celebrate W's tenth birthday
22. Read at least 50 books
23. Create play centers that change every few weeks
24. Make really big bubbles
25. Paint outside
26. Fly a kite
27. Play outside in the rain
28. Plant strawberries

What are your plans for spring? I'm always interested in adding more to our list!

Edited: I stumbled across Little Wonders' Day. She likes to make bucket lists, and will be hosting a summer bucket list party. Go check her out! 

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  1. Loving this idea!!!
    We are totally joining the Summer Bucket List!!

    I have to get all our ideas down in one list now! haha!!

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