Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Logan's bow-tique

Pretend play has recently become something that my little guy loves. It all started when he watched "Minnie's Bow-tique" on Disney channel. I'm not sure what it was about about this movie that spoke to him, but suddenly, he has been reenacting the scenes from the show. He sings the songs in his "Minnie voice" (which is very high pitched). He loves pretending that certain areas of the house are his bow-tique. He drags many of his stuffed Mickeys and other stuffed friends down the hall to sell them bows. Of course, I am his favorite customer. Our two unsuspecting cats are also enlisted to play too.

When I was young, my middle sister and I would spend many hours playing these detailed games that went on for days. It is amazing to suddenly watch the beginnings of a love for pretend play develop in Logan. In  an effort to encourage this, I am thinking that I may try to set up a little center that changes every week or every few weeks. Currently, he doesn't seem to need much in ways of encouragement, but perhaps a few things here or there will help him to stretch his imagination even more. I'll be sure to post a follow up if it is a success. For now though, it is sure cute to watch Logan try and put a "glow bow" onto of my cat's head.

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