Tuesday, April 12, 2011

29 months

Hi there, little guy. You are officially 29 months, but I often forget how many months you are now. I usually just say that you're 2.  Sometime after your second birthday, I stopped saying how old you were by months. We've had a very busy, busy month. We've been on the go with story times, tumbling classes, shopping, visits from family, and playing outside as much as possible.

So what is new this month? You strongly insist on doing EVERYTHING yourself. Need to get in the car? "I'll do it," you say, sticking your little hand out at me. Need to take off your shoes? "I'll do it," you say as you undo the Velcro and start yanking. Need to brush your teeth? "I'll do it," you say as you try to lick the toothpaste off your brush. Your need for independence is obviously a good thing. It's the way that you learn new skills. And just when I start to feel not needed, you will meet someone new and wrap your little arms around my legs. Or you will run up to me and say, "I need some kisses, Mama." It is these little everyday things that mean the world to me. You mean the world to me.

Love always,

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