Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stuff my kid says #26

A few of the latest:

Our dog and I were playing with a dog toy and he tried to nip me. Logan looked at him and said, "Teddy! Don't bite Mommy! Mommies never hurt, they just love."

"Mommy, I think I'm falling in love with you."

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Visit a Rose Garden

The Secret Garden was my very favorite book. I read and reread my copy until it was falling apart. I would spend hours in my back yard with my middle sister setting up our very own pretend version of a secret garden. Some of those hours involved me bossing her around since she had never read the book, but I still have many happy, vivid memories from playing outside among the flowers and plants. 

When we arrived at this rose garden, I couldn't help but think about those days in my childhood. There was even a gate to go through to get into a completely enclosed area full of roses. This garden was in the middle of the woods, and we were almost the only people there. It felt just like a secret garden should, private, peaceful, and beautiful. 

There had to have been thousands of roses of all colors and varieties. Logan visited each and every one ohh-ing and ahh-ing over the scents and colors. 

He is definitely a lover of all things involving flowers. He knows more types of flowers than I do. 
Here, he would raced around for a while and then would pause to appreciate nature. 

Of course, he requested lots of pictures. He loves to pose. His poses generally are copied from the characters he saw at Disney in October, but occasionally, he tries something new. 
Or just plain silly.
Since the rose season is not over, I think we will visit again soon. Logan loved it there and combined with our butterfly visit, he said it was "the best day ever." 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Visit a butterfly house

Butterflies are L's favorite animal EVER. At least, that is what he always says. Well.... butterflies, seahorses, and horses (including: land ponies, Alicorns, Pegasi, and unicorn versions). Since we see lots of seahorses at the aquarium, and lots of horses on episodes of My Little Pony, we decided to go visit some butterflies. Actually, a couple of weeks ago, I saw that a little greenhouse in a couple of towns over hosts an annual butterfly pavilion for a weekend, and made a mental note that we absolutely had to go visit. 

The second that we went entered the greenhouse, butterflies flocked to us. There were probably hundreds of butterflies. Typically, they said they have a thousand, but two of the types had difficulty surviving the cold temperatures of the past year. So, we were able to walk among painted ladies and monarchs. 

The owners provided us with sugar water and instructions about how to approach the butterflies. They said you could not squash them or try to grab them. "I'm very kind to nature," Logan reassured them. And he was telling the truth. He was very patient and gentle. The painted ladies were much more friendly than the monarchs, but Logan loved every one that he encountered.

We stood at the butterfly pavilion for about an hour and a half. They also had some other activities for the kids to do, like planting seeds and wandering around the other greenhouse, but playing with the butterflies was by far the best part of his day. 

His smile made it all worth it. 

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