Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stuff my kid says #7

Today the husband, Logan and I planted flowers and worked a bit in our yard. Logan loved digging in the dirt, and flinging it all over the place. Once everything was in the ground, it was time for the best part. Watering our new plants with the hose, of course was the very best part to a two year old. Logan learned how to work the hose and was very helpful. It was great to see him learning new skills and enjoying some hard work and family time. Once his hand got tired, he passed the hose back to my husband. While me husband finished watering the plants, Logan raced through the hose a few times. Later on, when talking to my sister, he proudly said, "Daddy watered me just like a flower."


  1. Hi Justine, thanks for stopping by Mama Pea Pod! I love your tinfoil painting, by the way, those colour swirls are so lovely! Will have to give that a try, and I'll make paper prints like you suggested. Those swirls are too pretty to lose!


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