Saturday, April 9, 2011

R is for Rainbow, Part 1

This week's focus was the letter R and rainbows. Rainbows are fresh in the little guys mind since we recently celebrated St. Patrick's day. To start the unit we made rainbow cupcakes. I followed the recipe exactly, but I didn't get the gorgeous even layers when they were baked. Instead, we kind of ended up with tie dyed cupcakes, but they were still yummy! We added our whipped cream clouds on top before eating!

I introduced the letter R and did the "r is for rainbow" craft that I found at No Time for Flashcards. He needed some guidance on lining the colors up, but it came out great!

There are millions of art projects on the web pertaining to rainbows. We used contact paper and little pieces of paper to make a rainbow. We hung it in our window and it is currently brightening up our dining room.

Logan laced rainbow colored pasta onto pipe cleaners to make bracelets. He also lined the pasta up and created a pretend piano.

We even snuck some patterning practice in!

We might do a few more rainbow activities this week since we are not quite ready to leave this topic yet.
No Time For Flash Cards


  1. We just did R is for Rainbow a couple weeks ago:
    I especially love the rainbow in the window that you did, and the stringing of the rainbow colored pasta!

  2. He he! I was about to say the same thing! We just did fun rainbow activities on my site too. I just found your site from My Delicious Ambiguity. I really like the idea of making a rainbow with contact paper. You could do the same with Easter Eggs!

  3. Krissa- I loved your post! I am following you now!

    My Oatmeal Kisses (sorry I don't know your name): I love the Easter egg idea! Putting anything on contact paper usually goes over big here!

  4. Colored pasta!!! I am making a collection of sensory tub stuff and totally forgot about dyed pasta! Thanks. How did you dye yours? Thanks for linking up to "It;s playtime"

  5. I used food coloring and hand sanitizer. But I heard that you can also use vinegar if you want to avoid the rubbing alcohol. : ) I also wrote a whole blog post about it, if you are interested!


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