Saturday, January 15, 2011

Go Diego Go Second Birthday Party

So I was saving this post for a while and then I realized I never posted it! I'm talking about Logan's second birthday party! This year I really wanted to do a theme rather than center around a character. I asked Logan about a couple of different themes, but he had already chosen what he wanted: a Go Diego Go! party. He loves Dora and Diego, so despite my best efforts to sway him otherwise, it was his birthday so he got what he wanted.

For his first birthday I rented out a reasonably priced beach house to host the event. This year due to tightening our belts, and a brand new almost finished family room, I decided to give it a try and host it at my very own house.

Prior to the party, I put my two cats in their very own room with toys, food, water, and a litter box. They are inside cats, and I didn't want to worry about them with all the people going in and out of the house. So I attached a sign to the door to let people know that the cats were inside.

When the party guest entered, they were greeted with this:

I didn't take pictures of the food, but guest were offered a wide selection of food and drinks. My favorite were these personalized water bottles.

All the kids received a safari hat to wear or take home with them. I bought them at a local party store.
This was the first year that we had a pinata. This pinata is from a local party store and it is a pull string pinata. I figured since I spend my time discouraging hitting, this was a safer way to go.
The kids collected the candy in bags they had been able to decorate with stickers and crayons. Needless to say, they loved it!!!

We opened presents and had some yummy cake. My mom bought the cake from a local grocery store. It was yummy.

One of the biggest hits with the kid was the rainforest animal sensory table. Both kids young and old loved it!!! I filled up Logan's sand table with oatmeal (in case any kids tried to eat it). Then I stuck a bunch of plastic rainforest animals in the table.

I was able to get a lot of printables at the Nick Jr. website. I printed out Rescue Pack's face from the website. I used these bags as goodie bag's for the kids to take home. Inside was some candy, a spotting scope, some play doh, bubbles, and jungle animal tatoos. \ It was a great party. Logan was one happy boy. And I realized how blessed we are to have so many people that love and celebrate my sweet little boy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

26 months

Dear Logan,

You are twenty six months old. That's two years and two months in case you don't want to do the math. This month you welcomed a new baby cousin into the world. You have yet to meet her, but you love her already. "She's so small. She no walk, crawl, talk. She has a new binky," you say gleefully when looking at her picture. The binky is important to you, because I have been trying to see if you are ready to get rid of yours. I told you that we would give them all to your new baby cousin, but now you have seen photographic evidence that you do not have to!

This past month, we celebrated Christmas. On Christmas morning, I snuggled in bed with you and whispered, "Santa came! Do you want to go down the hall and open presents?" You looked at me and said, "No, Mama. I want to watch Ni-Hao Kai-Lan." Once we got you down the hall, you realized just how great Christmas actually was. I suspect that next year you will be the one waking us up early. It was great to see you finally understand how to open presents!!! And there were a lot to open, as you had at least four rounds of presents to open that day! You are so lucky to have so many people that love you so very much!

The past couple of days you have discovered a love for playing in the snow. We have read many books about snow, and snowy days, so once you got out there you had big plans about what you wanted to do. You slid down a snowy slide, fell down countless times, and made snow angels until the lawn was full of them. You marveled at our outdoor plants covered in snow. You learned how to throw snowballs and that snow is really......

fun to eat.

I love you, my silly little boy. You make my life fun.
Love always and forever,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions 2011

Happy New Year!!! Every year I focus on a list of goals that I want to accomplish that year. A new year, all fresh and shiny, is an opportunity too good to pass up. I may not accomplish them all, but I usually give most an attempt.

There are a few (in no particular order) that I want to share with my whole three readers (who I love, by the way).

1. Venture out more into blogging. This means writing more often, including some new topics that I'm passionate about, linking up to parties, and leaving comments. The last two are a little scary, cause I'm kind of shy sometimes.

2. Continue our voyage into attempting to live more frugally. I want to make use of more free and wonderful resources that are available in our area. I'm contemplating making my own cleaners (which goes hand in hand with my desire for a healthier, greener living). I plan to start utilizing meal planning and coupon clipping more often. I want to save more money in order to continue to stay at home with my little boy.

3. Live healthier. It's really a nicer way of saying that I want to lose weight. I'm hoping to include more new recipes that are healthy and yummy into our diets. I'm on a mission to try new fruits and vegetables, be more active, and feel happier. And I might just buy the Thirty Day Shred with some of my birthday money. I feel a little afraid after typing that last sentence.

4. Become an organization princess. The Martha Stewarts out there leave me in envy. I'm just like them, in believing that everything should have a place. BUT sometimes while cleaning up, I end up with stuff that doesn't have a designated place, and someone is ringing the doorbell and I will *cough*cough*cough shove said homeless stuff just anywhere it will fit for the time being. By "anywhere" I usually mean the computer armoire that I never use. It is one of my shameful secrets. But this year I'm making up for it. In my mind this means restarting (and sticking to) my cleaning schedule, purging, and organizing even those areas that I don't often address until it is too late. Helloooooooo kitchen pantry, and closet o' mystery in the basement. I'm coming for you.

5. Make my house prettier. I've been inspired by all those in blogland who live on a budget but manage to make their houses beautiful by using their creativity and imagination. I have a couple of new things that I want to attempt. Perhaps even BY MYSELF..... WITH TOOLS.

6. Be brave. Try at least one new thing every week for a whole year. It is easy for me to get stuck in a rut and have one week blend into the next. I'm going to make a conscious effort to do something that may or may not be enjoyable and may or may not make me comfortable. But I am bound to learn something. Hopefully about myself.

7. Continue to try and be the best possible parent that I can be. With extra kisses.

SO there you have it. A couple of resolutions that I have made this year. This is by far not an exhaustive list. (And if you have been reading for a while, you know I love a good list). But it's a start.
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