Thursday, February 7, 2013

Indoor Ice Skating

The meteorologists have been predicting that we will be getting a super colossal, gigantic, blizzard tomorrow. Logan is extremely excited since we have mostly had cold weather and not much snow. Being stuck in the house when it is too cold to go outside and play has lead us to try some new ways to get some extra energy out! One of our new favorite ways to get moving is indoor ice skating. 
All you need is to put wax paper under each of your feet and get to sliding and slipping around on the floor. I didn't try the rug, but I imagine that it would be just a slippery. We put on some music and started pretending to be professional ice skaters. 

Logan particularly loved to spin around quickly on one foot. I tried it too, and it is indeed quite like ice skating, minus the rental skates and trying not to fall in front of lots of strangers.  It was a great way to get moving while being stuck indoors!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How We Play Wednesdays: Bouncing Kids

The little guy has been sick for about two weeks. It was this long lingering cough, cold, yuckiness. It was too cold to go outside and he was starting to go stir crazy. So this idea was born:

Yes. That is a bounce house in the living room. It just fit once we moved some things around. It was loud, crazy, and so much fun.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Free Fun: Target Style

I really love Target. My little guy adores it too. I think for him it has to do with the millions of toys that he plays with on our trips. And no Target visit is complete without a visit to try on sunglasses. 

I actually started trying on sunglasses with Logan when he was a teeny tiny baby. 

It was a perfect opportunity to snap a couple of quick pictures that were silly, fun, and adorable! 

We still do this, and have started to develop quite the collection of photographs. 
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