Friday, July 23, 2010

Blueberry Baby

When Logan was just a little peanut last fall, we went apple picking. It was a beautiful day, but he was too little to really get it. His curls hadn't even grown in yet. He had just started walking, and wasn't ready to start chomping down on apples independently yet. I had to cut them into teeny tiny pieces once we got home, which is not really the same as eating an apple straight from the tree. I knew I wanted to go again. So, since this spring when things started to grow again, I have been desperately wanting to venture back to the orchard.

One wonderful weekday morning, Logan, my dad, and I went back to the orchard. There was a big hand painted sign outside that read, "Blueberries."

Me: Logan!!! Look at the painted sign! It says blueberries.

Logan: Painting!!! Puh-lease! Glreen! (He likes to throw an L into that word for some reason).

Me: Hmmm....

Once we parked the car we walked into a big netted area and a man showed us where to start picking blueberries! Logan looked around. He saw us picking the berries and putting them into a basket. His eyes widened in excitement. Now he had the idea...... well kind of.

He was an expert blueberry picker, but not so great at putting them into the actual basket. Every last blueberry that he picked went into his mouth. He probably ate a hundred the whole time we were there. He had so much fun, and I can't wait to take him back again soon!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The boy of summer

Every summer I have big plans. Then the summer slides on by and I've only done a handful of my big dreams. This year I wanted it to change. I've been on a mission to actively engage in life and not let time just pass on by, so I made a summer list. The list consists of fun activities that I want to do this summer with Logan. He is only little once, and whether he likes it or not, we are going to have some fun. Here is the list, thus far:

1. See the fireworks
2. Go to the Children's Museum
3. Build a sandcastle.
4. Go to A's wedding and DANCE!
5. Use yarn to make giant bubbles
6. Visit a sunflower field
7. Play at a splash park.
8. Walk on a boardwalk.
9. Go to the aquarium
10. Plant sunflowers.
11. Paint with pudding
12. Eat a tomato from the garden
13. Roast marshmallows
14. Visit the nature center
15. Find seashells
16. Have a picnic
17. Paint a birdhouse
18. Go to the zoo
19. Walk on the big ships at the seaport
20. See the animals at a fair
21. Go blueberry picking
22. Read 50 books

I wrote each of these on a note card and drew a little picture as a visual cue to represent the activity. After we complete one, Logan picks out a sticker and puts it on the note card. Once it's completed we will have a wonderful visual reminder of what we did this summer.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

20 Months

Dear Bugga Bugga Baby,

You are twenty months old. In four months you will be two years old. You know what you want, even if I don't agree. You talk and talk and talk. Constantly. You repeat any and every new word that comes your way. You finally tell people "love you!" I love it.

The other day I dropped a bunch of blueberries on the floor. "Oh no!" I exclaimed. You watched the blueberries rolling around. Your big brown eyes widened. "Oh....... crap! Oh crap!!!! Oh crap, Mama!!!" you shouted over and over again. Oh crap, indeed.

Some of your favorite things these days are your family, your cats, Cheech, swimming in the pool, Dora, storytime, reading, coloring, creating art, dancing, hula hoops, playing in the sand table, your toys, learning new things, and Mama of course. You are almost always happy and easy going. If you are sad, you let me know why. Then it is "I hunger, Mama," "I thirsty, Mama," "My teefth (teeth) hurting," or "I tired. I seep (sleep)."

Speaking of sleep, you now pretend to put your stuffed animals to sleep. "Puppy seep. Naptime, Naptime, close your eyes seepyhead...... Shhhhh! Mama! Puppy seeping. Awww..... hug puppy. Hugging. Good night." I wasn't kidding about the constant talking. Good thing I think you're adorable!

Love, Mama
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