Monday, April 4, 2011

Things to do with a roll of tape #1

It was another gray, rainy day around these parts. Cabin fever has struck us hard. I didn't want the peanut to watch more television, and he was acting sick of all his toys. I searched my cabinets for something that would keep him occupied. I came back with a roll of masking tape. In a matter of minutes, I had created this on my floor. (Sorry for the poor contrast in this pic. I have beige-ish rugs which seems to blend right in with the beige tape. Side note: If you chose to do something like this activity, painter's tape would probably be a better idea for hardwood floors).
Logan has known many of his shapes for about a year now. But I like to have a frequent review so that he can keep them fresh in his mind. If I had been adventurous, I would have worked on ones he does not have down solidly, like octagon and pentagon, but I didn't think I would be successful creating these with the tape.

We did a few things with this set up. I called out things like, "hop to the triangle" or "crawl to the square." This was a great way to get out some pent up energy. We also had him move his Little people to a certain shape. Eventually, once the novelty of this activity wore off, he transferred into pretend play with his Little people and farm house. Each shape became a pen for different animals, and the farmer went around feeding the animals. He had a blast!

Have you ever used a roll of tape to keep your kids busy? Get some out today and try it!

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  1. My middle child has a tape obsession!! She loves even just to hold it...loves the sticky feeling :-) But the only thing I've ever used tape for on the carpet has been to mark out a 'line' in front of the tv which they must not cross!! (and they don't!)
    this is a much better idea though :-)
    visiting from childhood101

  2. We use to do stuff like that when I taught PtrK- they love it. I haven't done so with my kids yet ;-(
    Followed you on Google Friend Connect.
    Oh & it snowed here today- global warming?

  3. Love this idea and love how versatile a roll of tape can be :)

    Thanks for linking up to We Play this week!

  4. Thanks ladies! All your positive feedback makes me smile!

  5. So cute! I love that it turned into free play at the end. Don't you love children's little minds!


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