Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring activity: Painting a birdhouse

We are already starting to make progress on our spring to do list. The other day we went to my BFF's house. My sweetie pie friend bought Logan and her son birdhouses to paint. My little artist had so much fun. He spent a great deal of time getting it just right. He interspersed his work with lots of story telling (like mom getting scared of a spider in the laundry room) and trying to boss around her cats.

He truly loves all art projects, but this provided a 3-D medium that he doesn't often get to enjoy. He even painted the bottom of his birdhouse. I have to say that I am surprised that he branched out from his most favorite color, pink, but he proudly proclaimed he wanted to use "lots of colors."

The finished project!
 This little birdhouse has inspired me to go scour the craft store unfinished wood section for more objects that he can put his personal touch on.


  1. What a fun activity! It looks like he had fun with it!


  2. I love the bird house...but I love how he is holding his brush even son holds his pencil like that! so cute!


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