Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring activity: Coloring Easter Eggs

Our Easter was a wonderful one full of family, laughter, and candy. One of the most special moments was coloring Easter eggs as a family. While Logan sat across from me at the table anxiously waiting for the eggs to cool, I couldn't help but think about his very first Easter when he was only five months old. It seemed so long ago, but yesterday at the very same time.

He insisted we remove his shirt before coloring eggs because he didn't want to get it dirty. It took a long time for the eggs to cool.

So we talked about what colors we could pick.....

and drew Easter related pictures on our newspaper lined table.

When it was finally time, he jumped right in. He insisted on helping with all of them and he picked what color each egg should be. He was one happy bunny.

He colored his own egg his most favorite color: PINK.


  1. Fun! Smarty guy removing the shirt! I think we have a few extra colors on E's outfit that day:-)


  2. I think he just wanted an excuse to take his clothes off!!! hahaha


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