Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stuff my kid says #11

How many of you are familiar with the Pajama Jeans commercial? Yes? No? Well if not, here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

This commercial happened to be on during a show Logan was watching. In the commercial, it says something about giving you a "smooth butt." He said nothing about it, so I didn't even think he was paying attention. A few days later we were at my mom's house (Logan's Nana). He goes over to my mom, who was cooking in the kitchen and says, "Nana, I like your smooth butt."


  1. Every time I see that commercial I wonder if it would really give me a smooth butt, ha ha!! That is hilarious!

  2. Thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning!
    Too funny!

  3. That is so funny! I never seen that commercial before but those jeans look fab!
    On another note I can't post a comment on your other blog for some reason? but just wanted to say I think it's great you made your own detergent too! My only complaint is that I wish it had more smell. I love Gain detergent and I find it hard switching to the homemade lol
    Anyway I hope you are enjoying it!:)

  4. oops it's me in the above comment
    Jada Roo Can Do

  5. Ladies- This infomercial makes me chuckle. They are pretty pricy, I believe, but they do look comfy! LOL

    Andrea- I have been using the soap for about a week. I like it, but I agree about the scent. Have you tried any essential oils? I am thinking about somehow using fabric softener in a more effective way. I'll have to do some trial and error. : )

  6. I love Gain detergent a bit too much lol! Thanks for commenting on my fabric softener sheet post:)
    Andrea ~Jadsa Roo Can Do


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