Monday, July 4, 2011

Daisy Science Experiment

Our daisies have finally bloomed! Completely a off topic, but my love of daisies started when I was in high school and saw Drew Barrymore wearing one in her hair. At the time I thought she was so wonderful for doing this. (Apparently, you can buy a framed picture of her doing precisely this). Back then I was easily impressed; not much has changed except for what impresses me. For a while after that, I was all ehhhhh.... about daisies, but once I bought my house, I received FREE ones, and my love for them has returned. My long winded totally unnecessary story about my relationship with daisies aside, I have been waiting to attempt this little science experiment all spring as they kept growing and growing.

Behold the daisies:

I cut a couple off and we took them inside. Logan filled up the cups, and picked out the colors. He asked for pink, but we were out of red food coloring, so these were second best. Then we waited overnight, and.....

when we woke in the morning, the daisies had started to change colors!

Notice that some of the leaves were mysteriously missing? One of my cats thought it would be a good idea to sample some daisies as a midnight snack.

The longer you leave them in the food coloring, the stronger and more vibrant that they will get. It usually takes a few days, but this is a quick little experiment that yields a big result!


  1. Great job! We love doing this with flowers! Whenever i am at the grocery store and they have their flowers on clearance i always pick them up!

  2. How fun! I remember doing this as a kid with carnations. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog--I'll be following yours now too.

  3. My first visit here. Saw you on the Linky party, because I too have the 'crazies for daisies' and now is the season!!!

    I even made a movie of my hundreds of 'still' daisy photos.

    My work is a result of my 10 years working with children with special needs. Now I create music and picture books! Fun times!

  4. That is a neat and simple experiment--think I will be adding this to our summer to-dos. I really like all the great activity ideas you have on your site and am adding you to my blog roll!


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