Saturday, July 30, 2011

My New Toy

I'm in a pretty good mood today. I hosted a play date with a little neighbor from next door, and both kids had a lot of fun. They splashed in the pool, ran through a sprinkler, played in the sand table, and ate Popsicles (which consequently, I have never been able to spell correctly). All in all it was a success. 

And then there is this other thing that I am quite thrilled about. The husband doesn't get it. Neither do my family or friends. So, I am sharing with all of you lovely readers in blog land in hopes that someone will understand my excitement. The other day, I bought this:
Go here to buy this from Amazon
A laminator! Perhaps it is left over from my days as a teacher, but I was tickled to find this little guy at Walmart for about twenty bucks. You know when you have to do laundry, but you don't quite have a full load, so you walk around looking for other things to toss in? I'm doing that with my new inanimate BFF, and just looking for things to laminate.

So is there anyone else out there like me? Or am I the only one who get excited about these type of things? 


  1. I understand. I totally get it. In fact I'm jazzed for you. Happy Laminating.

  2. I love my laminator too! I have the same one. I'm always out of laminator sheets. LOL

  3. Think of all the possibilities!
    We pulled "have a water balloon fight" out of our summer bucket this past week (an idea off your summer bucket list). I linked back to you in my post today. Thanks for linking up your summer bucket and for the great idea!

  4. Yup I have the $20 one from walmart too! have fun:)
    ~Jada roo Can Do

  5. LOL you used the word "tickled."


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