Friday, July 8, 2011

Outdoor Play (6/26/11- 7/2/11)

This summer we took off from all our regularly scheduled classes. I wanted to give Logan (and me) some time to just take the days as they come. We have still be remaining active and enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

True to my summer bucket list, we have been seeking out new playgrounds. Summer allows us to go visit school playgrounds to play. Sometimes some of the stuff isn't geared towards him, but it doesn't stop him from trying.

 My husband's parents have an above ground pool, but Logan has been slowly working up the nerve to try it out. He has in the past years, but he doesn't seem to remember. So for now, we stick to our inflatable pool. One of his most favorite things to do in the pool is play with ice cubes. I love this, especially when my ice machine somehow freezes the ice into one giant block!

And finally, it wouldn't be summer if we didn't have weeds popping up everywhere. After seeing me weed a million times, Logan has suddenly become very interested in helping! This is MUCH appreciated, of course!


  1. Thanks for linking up to our Outdoor Play blog hop! We love trying out different playgrounds too!

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