Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Color Sort Activity

I know how important it is to practice mastered skills occasionally. It is a way to make a child feel confident and keep those skills mastered. Logan has a strong grasp of almost all of his colors. He is able to identify them consistently and can recall most of them without any prompting. When I was looking through some of my supplies, I came across a color game that I had never used. Unfortunately, I don't know where I found this fantastic printable. If you have any idea, please let me know so I can link back to the site!

I made a bag for each color it was Logan's job to sort the cards into the correct color bag.

Of course, he had to go through the cards to pick out all the pink ones first!

He had so much fun, that my cat tried to join in on the fun.

Since introducing this game, Logan has taken it out a  number of times to play independently. However, I think while practicing mastered skills it is also a good time to perhaps practice some other activity. We have also used this as a listening activity. Logan will identify the color and then I will give him a direction. For example he may recognize the green butterfly. My direction would then be, "jump over to the green bag" or "pretend to fly over to the green bag."  Really the action is limited only by your imagination, and it also helps the child practice tuning into what other people are saying. 

Have you ever played this game or a variation of it? 


  1. I love the idea of the paper bags for colour sorting - was trying to work out what we could use.

  2. We played with real toys and colored paper. :) I know I saw this printable somewhere around the web but simply can't recall :)

    Thanks for adding to High paw! Always looking forward to see what you'll add next! :)

  3. Michelle- That is a great idea!


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