Friday, September 23, 2011

Rice, Rice, Baby

Over the past (omg.... almost) three years, we have made a lot of different sensory bins for my guy to explore. Most of the stuff I store away, and reuse again and again in other bins. We are green that way. Anyway, when I peeked onto the shelf that holds most of my sensory bin fillers (and the occasional super large cereal box), I spied some white rice. We had used the rice quite a bit in the winter to represent snow, but the day was dreary, and thoughts of winter were far away. I wanted to add some color to Logan's life. So I rounded him up, and my little helper assisted me in coloring the rice. I used the same method to dye the rice as I used with the alphabet letters. Soon enough, the rice was dry, and I sorted the it by color into individual bowls.

Some may have mixed a bit, because I forgot to dry them separately. I set them up as an invitation for Logan to investigate. 

The minute Logan was unleashed on the area, he made a beeline for the rice. He set to work pouring each color into the bin.

Once each bowl had been emptied, he plunged his little hands in and swished all the rice around until it was all mixed up. He was content just digging for quite a while, because he liked pretending he was a dog from his favorite movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. Ahhh..... to be two again. 

At last, he returned to human form, and he decided he wanted to make rainbow soup. He carefully doled out bowls for both of us. He did warn me, "It's just pretend, Mama. Don't really eat it."

Once our soup was finished, Logan spiced up his bin by adding his own personal touches.

I have to admit, that this was my favorite part. 


  1. Rice is fun! Especially when colored! I love that he warned you not to eat it. Thats too cute :)

  2. how awesome!! he made his own sensory bin!

  3. You know, I was just wondering if you dyed rice like you dye pasta! Thanks for the post - we have an abundance of rice. My husband keeps forgetting that we don't need any and buys a giant bag every time he goes shopping for us - LOL! (PS - I saw this post on The Sunday Showcase linky!)

  4. Colored rice is so much fun! Thank you for sharing this on The Sunday Showcase.

  5. I love using colored rice. And reading this reminded me that I have some stored away that we haven't used for awhile. I may have to get that out again soon.


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