Monday, September 5, 2011

Another first


Do you remember your first movie? My parents said that my first movie was Benji. Upon my own investigation, I figured out that the movie was called Benji the Hunted. I didn't think I remember it until I looked it up and found a synopsis of it on Wikipedia. It sounded scary and a bit depressing, and surprisingly, I still vaguely remember it. But I bet I know what my parent's were thinking, "It's a movie about a dog that saves the day! She'll like that." I'm sure I did, but all I can really remember is being afraid of the wolf that just wants to kill the dog and everything else that stands in its way.

With that in mind, I thoroughly thought about the first movie Logan would see in the theater. To be honest, as a child I loved the Smurfs. I remember quietly playing with all my Smurf figurines. I had a Smurf bank, I used to pretend I was that Smurf with the flower behind his ear that always looked in the mirror. Also, I just really love Neil Patrick Harris. Plus Logan has been playing Smurf Village on the iPad, so he was familiar with these characters.

The last time we went to the theater we tried to see Hop. Logan wouldn't even sit down. This time, we had him pick out a candy (Care Bear gummy bears), but we didn't even need to break them out to entice him. He was excited, and sat down happily. The whole movie he sat forward in his seat, obviously delighted. He exclaimed excitedly a few times, but other than that, he was the perfect little gentleman.

Do you remember your first movie? Or what was the first movie your kiddo saw in the theater? 

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