Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cardboard Village

As I mentioned in my last post, Logan has developed a strong love for anything Smurf related. We have acquired a couple of Smurf figurines, and we had spent a great deal of time building different types of houses for them with blocks and legos.

While we were hunkered down for the hurricane, a special request was put in to make the Smurfs some bigger house. If you are a Smurf fan, you know that those magical blue guys (and one girl) live in mushrooms, but I couldn't find a suitable way to recreate those. I went to my recyclables that were accessible at the time, and came across a few boxes. My husband had left his razor knife in his work van, and it seemed unnecessarily dangerous to send him out to retrieve it, although I may have briefly entertained the idea..... So I had to make due with using kitchen shears, since regular scissors wouldn't work. The results were a couple of houses for the Smurfs to hide out in from the mean Gargamel and his cat.

They were not perfect, or particularly beautiful

but the Smurfs and Logan seemed quite happy with them. 

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