Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Squishy, squashy, shaving cream

Sometimes what my little guy considers a great idea are the things that I don't plan. They are not connected to anything and sometimes are just brought to fruition in a matter of minutes.

Sensory bins are something that we have ALWAYS done since he was a teeny tiny guy. They started out purely edible (rolled oats or baby food flakes)and have gradually become less so. He did insist he was a bird and try to eat the birdseed out of the last one though.

Some days we keep it relatively low key and easy around these parts. This was one of these days. This bin was nothing fancy. Just a massive amount of shaving cream, some glass stones, and a couple of plastic animals.

It started off relatively harmless enough. Most activities do. Just transferring shaving cream out of the tub to coat his animals.

From there, he transferred them into the tub to "walk around in the squishy, squashy, shaving cream."

 Unfortunately, the novelty of that wore off pretty quick. I was starting to chalk it up to one of those thing to
try again at a later date, and hope for better results.

But then, things took a turn for the interesting. Logan asked for a bowl of water to wash his hands off. My last big bowl had just been taken to hold our new grapes, so I grabbed our massive measuring cup. As he plunged his hands into the clean water, he noticed how it changed colors to a cloudy white. It took him mere seconds and he was dumping the cup or water into the tub. He promptly asked for more.

And repeated it again and again.  Once the tub was filled enough, he rinsed his animals off and dried them. By this point, he was soaking wet, and completely happy. So he removed (with assistance) his clothing too. For my new followers, (hello all!!!) I swear the kiddo wears clothes most of the time! He has lots of nice ones too!

From that point on, he used just the glass stones in the cloudy water. "I'm looking for treasure!" he would exclaim as he would search through the water to find the "treasure." He went on a treasure hunt again and again. Of course, I got in there to hunt for treasure too, and by the end we were both laughing. Sure it was messy, but sometimes messy activities are the most fun. 

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  2. That's great! We love shaving foam too although it does create the most wonderful mess! Smells nice though doesn't it?! Looks like he had a great time. Thanks for linking up to It's Playtime this week

  3. Anna- It really does make everything smell fresh and clean! (I sound a bit like an shaving cream ad when I wrote that)! hahaha....

  4. Something we haven't tried yet thanks for the inspiration and visiting us at Jada Roo Can Do!
    I am now fowing your blog!!

  5. How cute! I just posted shaving cream sensory where we used cars and shaving cream.

    My little one always ends up down to his diaper too it seems like.

  6. So fun! I just bought shaving cream for exploring today. I can't wait to try it out with my two year old. I also want to do some crafts with it with my older children. So fun!

  7. Ha! I love the part about things always starting out innocently enough. That's exactly how it is with my boys...innocent until painting themselves or each other or dumping or pouring... ;) All part of the fun!

  8. There's something about shaving cream that makes them come back for more :) My kid loves to clean up right away too and would do exactly as yours did!

    Thanks for playing at It's Playtime this week. Hope to see some more fun and ways to play!!


  9. My son loves dumping water. He will love your idea!

  10. I already saw this post, but I am seeing it again as I look back at my blog party last week. I wanted to thanks you for playing along!

  11. How wonderful! Don't you just love it when things turn out differently than you had anticipated and it's all their own doing!

    Would love for yout o link up today & every Suunday with my kids crafts & activities linky party - The Sunday Showcase! Ideas/moments like these are perfect for sharing!



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