Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Daddy's little handyman

Things are changing in our backyard. See those posts? They are the beginnings of our new shed. It will house all of my husband's junk. Some might call said "junk" tools and plumbing stuff, but all I know is that it is taking up precious room in my basement, side yard, and occasionally, my backyard.

Here is a little backstory. The fact that we are even able to build a shed in our teeny tiny backyard is a feat in itself. See the sparse grass covering the ground? Last year it was a dirt lot. And the year before that? The year we moved in? It was virtually unusable. Rocks as tall as I am (a whole five feet) were sticking out all over the ground. What wasn't covered in rock was filled with overgrown sick trees, moss, and the occasional weeds that were able to grow without any sunlight. So as you might imagine, this backyard was a lot of work and hours of physical labor. It now is almost completely level and ready for a storage solution. And Logan was completely enamoured with every step of the process.

I kept a careful eye on him the whole time, since there were dangerous tools being used. When that happened, we watched from afar. But when it was quiet for a couple of moments, I would let him sneak in and check it out.

He insisted on staying outside for much of the day. We would do other activities, but he was always eager to return and check out the progress and visit with the guys.

I supplied the food and drinks, and Logan provided comedic entertainment. He made up jokes (which he cracked up at), sang songs, and danced.

And he even "helped" a little.


  1. Awww so cute!!! Congrats on the level ground!!

  2. Thanks Michelle! It was a LONG time coming! I'm already planning on using the new space in our basement as a craft space (just don't tell my husband)! hahaha


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