Friday, April 19, 2013

Giving the Kids the Camera

I know that I have been quiet lately. It isn't because we haven't been having fun or playing. We have. Lots. The kind where  you look at your kid at the end of the day and see their faces smudged with dirt, and paint on their clothes, and that you kind of look the same way, kind of fun. 

While we are out there doing all of this, I occasionally take pictures. But every once in a while, I let Logan have the camera. I love to see what he finds picture-worthy. Here are just some of the pictures that he took one sunny spring morning. 

His sensory bin of shredded paper, bugs, and bug catching supplies. 

Scout, one of our indoor cats enjoying the sunshine. 

His fairy garden from last year was the perfect spot to release his insects. 

Smudge, our other indoor kitty. He adores his pets. 

I was in there too, unfortunately I was moving at the time when he took it and I look like a scary blurry object. He looked at the picture and shrieked with laughter, "What happened to you?" See? Fun was had by all. 

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