Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter 2013

I have always loved holidays. All of them. I am always looking for a reason to celebrate. When I look back at my childhood and think about holidays they always felt special and magical. I hope to recreate that for my little guy. 

It can be as simple as bunny tail pancakes for Easter. A little sprinkle thief got to the plate before I could snap a picture. 

This year, Logan was very excited for Easter. He had been to egg hunts so he was ready to find some eggs when he woke up very early Easter morning. Every time he found an egg, he would gasp in excitement. He did this sixty-two times. I know because we counted the eggs the night before. Then he would look inside to see what treats were inside. The bunny filled most of the eggs with jelly beans and mini eggs. The bunny must know that mini eggs are really loved at our house. 

My grandmother lives out of state, and Logan wanted to take this special picture for his great-grandma so she could see the egg he made for her. She is quite the expert on her iPad, so we enjoy keeping in touch through that since we can't see her everyday. 

As far as Easter baskets go, this year was a particularly good one. The bunny brought two bunny related books, a bit of candy, bubble wands, some My Little Pony stuff (his fav), and a stepping stone kit. And then he was able to go to my inlaws who had another Easter basket waiting for him with his much anticipated Crocs. I foresee an autumn spent trying to get him to wear normal shoes again before it snows. 

As for his Easter outfit, he pretty much told everyone and anyone about it before Easter itself. He had picked out a pink plaid shirt and gray skinny jeans to wear. He found them in the store, and he was so happy to see his very favorite color available in the new spring line of boys clothes! I had to stop him from throwing every pink boy's shirt in the shopping cart! He looked quite dashing in his outfit. He has worn it numerous times since then. 

He rounded out his day playing with two of his cousins. Honestly, this may be my little Logan's very best Easter yet. 

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