Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ocean Sensory Bin

We are lucky enough to have a year pass to a local aquarium which is very close to our house. We love deciding to stop by at the spur of the moment. Logan really loves sea life, so one day after a trip, I decided to extend the fun by creating an ocean sensory bin.

I gathered a couple of supplies that I had on hand, some squirt-y fish, turtles, and gems.

I bought a large package of pasta at the dollar store, and I cooked it and added blue food coloring to it. I put oil in the pasta to keep it from sticking, so I put the kiddo in some play clothes. Next time, I might forgo the oil and just add a bit of water. Logan took it upon himself to take on the important role of taste tester prior to  playing. 


Once it had his seal of approval, he set up the rest of the bin himself. It was his idea to add the water to the bin. His most favorite part was swishing his hand around while the pasta brushed past it. He also enjoyed finding the fish throughout the "kelp forest." (Thank you, Octonauts)!


Completely a side note, but I remember when this sensory bin seemed so large in comparison to the child playing with it. It is starting to seem too small. We might be in the market for something a bit larger soon!


  1. What a neat idea! I never would have thought of using pasta as a sensory play medium! I just made two sensory boxes for my daughter; one using water beads as a medium, and one using aquarium gravel. I LOVE sensory play! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How fun!! We just bought some of those animals that grow in water--all sea creatures (from Target's Dollar Spot). I was thinking of trying them in her kiddie pool in the back yard the next hot day.

    Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!


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