Monday, October 24, 2011

Sparkle Pumpkins

We've been buying little gourds at the farm stand down the road like crazy. Logan likes to call them baby pumpkins, and we've done lots of activities with them. Recently, we decided that some of them needed a new look, and upon his request, gave them a little bit of sparkle.

All we needed was a three pack of dollar store glitter, and some white glue. First, Logan spread the glue all over the pumpkin with a paint brush. Next, came the fun part, shaking the glitter onto the pumpkins!

He chose pink for his first pumpkin. I had placed the pumpkin on a plate in order to catch any excess glitter. 

Blue glitter was the choice of for the "bumpy pumpkin."

They are now lighting up our dining room table arrangement. What is your favorite way to decorate your pumpkins? Are you a fan of making jack-o-lanterns? Or maybe adding some color with paint? This may be a new favorite for us..... for my vacuum cleaner, not so much!

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