Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pin It Tuesday- DIY (Kid Edition)

Crazy About My Baybah

I really can not say enough about how much I love Pinterest. When I saw that  Crazy About My BaybahMommy Head Adventuresand Crazy Cool with a Side of Crafty had a Pinterest party every Tuesday, I knew I wanted to join. Today I am sharing a couple of pins that have inspired me, and that I want to try to make myself.

From Quirky Momma, I love the idea of making your own building block town. This year my husband built his very own tool shed in our backyard, so we had lots of angled wood pieces left over. I had him save them off to the side, so the Logan and I could attempt this project. They are still sitting there, but it will definitely be one we will be getting to once the days get darker earlier. 
Source: Quirky Momma

Logan loves Phineas and Ferb. Secretly, I do too. I find myself watching this show with him, and giggling. These Agent P sandwiches look easy enough to make, and my little guy would be over the moon if I served these to him! 

Stay at Home Mama's plexi-glass easel is fantastic, because it can be used for creating outdoors. I am hoping if I show my husband this pictures of this, he will be able to recreate it in time for us to use next spring! 

Puff Ball magnets by Mama Jenn, look so simple, but they are something I haven't actually sat down to make yet. These would be great for Logan to use to create his own pictures. Also, they are completely perfect for do a dot pages since they will stay in place rather than roll around if he happens to bump the paper. 
Source: Mama Jenn

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