Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pin It Tuesday- Week 2

This week, I pinned a lot of food on Pinterest. It makes sense, of course, since I am trying to watch what I eat and lose some weight. At least most of what I pinned was healthy, right? 

Monsters always come to mind when I think of Halloween. If I add some spooky eyes to this green monster smoothie, perhaps my little guy will love this yummy drink! 

 I did pin some stuff other than food. In our house, we have been all Smurf all the time. Logan's third birthday is Smurf themed, and I pinned this mushroom craft as a possible activity for those who arrive early. 

When I stumbled across a way to make your own watercolors, I knew I had to pin it! Those cheap water color sets can sometimes get used up easily in just one round of Logan's painting. It would be great to whip up some of our very own and let my little guy try them out!

I have never made it a secret..... I really can't draw. When Logan was very little, he asked me to draw Goofy. I tried my best, but he looked at me and said, "That's not Goofy, it's a monster." Since then, I have been asked to draw a lot of different objects, with varying degrees of success. Most often, I am asked to depict animals. These stick figures are something that even I can recreate. 
Source: Bing

This last pin, is a quote that actually just touched my heart. 
Source: We Heart It

Are you on Pinterest? Have you pinned anything this week? You can find me on Pinterest, here

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