Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Bucket List: Strawberry Picking

We kicked off our bucket list last week. I took my cousin, her boyfriend, and Logan strawberry picking. When I finally sorted out the directions (after getting lost), they gave us a container at the stand and we went to work.

Unlike the blueberries, last year, Logan didn't try to eat these. I think because they were close to the ground and the dirt, it acted as a deterrent.  He did like hunting for the red ones and the small ones he called "cute baby strawberries."

In a short amount of time, we had picked ten pounds of strawberries. Logan ate a mass quantities of them as soon as we got home. He is a huge fan of all fruit, but he was particularly proud that he had found these berries all by himself. Plus, these berries were so sweet and still a little warm from sitting out in the sunny field.
I'm not quite sure why he's making a funny face, but after 2,000 attempts at trying to make him smile, this is the best I was able to take. 

Pure deliciousness, I tell you. I'm thinking once we exhaust these strawberries, we will head back for some more. Have you ever been berry picking?

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