Monday, June 6, 2011

Day out with Thomas

We recently had a family outing to have a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine. Logan is not a huge fan of the television show, but he knows Thomas from his cousins who have a huge love of Thomas. Once we arrived at the train station, Logan was so excited! Thomas was the engine that took us on a train ride. (Since there were A LOT of other people in the picture, I decided not to post it). As soon as we got there, we were able to get our picture with Thomas and his friends.

Next, Logan went for a ride on his first ride. He really doesn't like any rides, but he did want to try this one. He was excited until the ride started. Then, he looked like this for the remainder of the ride:

Logan also had another first. He was able to get his face painted. He sat perfectly still and showed off his train  to anyone that would pay attention. He was very sad when he had to wash it off before bedtime.

But he perked up when he came across a clown who was making balloon animals! When the clown asked him what he wanted, Logan quickly responded with, "A donkey!" But since the clown never made one of those, he settled for a pink dog.

Right before our train ride, the sky opened up and it down poured. Luckily, we were under a tent and then on the train ride the remainder of the rain storm. Logan was amazed by the train. He loved every minute of it!

It was such a wonderful day. We were able to spend some much needed time as a family. Most importantly, there is no greater joy in life than seeing the joy in your child. 


  1. LOL I'm remembering about a year ago when Will had his face painted and Logan wouldn't ever go near him!

  2. I remember! Logan was terrified!


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