Monday, June 20, 2011


Today I was scouring the dollar store for inexpensive items for outside water toys and I happened upon a huge container holding BINGO markers. I have seen other websites tell about getting these markers at their local dollar stores, but here? No such luck. At least not until today. I was so excited that I grabbed handfuls and threw them into my shopping cart.

When we arrived home, Logan wanted to try these babies out. I grabbed a huge piece of paper and he started experimenting.

He was thoroughly impressed. The only way these could have been better was if I had a pink one.

We can do lots of things with these bingo markers. We can make patterns, or use them instead of fingerprints to make fingerprint art. Since I have very little drawing skills, I have a huge love for Ed Emberley. It's pretty foolproof for me, but still majorly impressive to a two year old.

Or I can print out Do-A-Dot papers, and let the little guy go to town.
For now, he's having a blast just trying out his newest art supply.


  1. Hi Justine,
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  2. haha, this is one of our favorite activities! Even the big kids love the dobbers!! Cute photos you captured!

  3. I was really so excited when I came across them. You'd think I actually won at bingo! :)

  4. I JUST bought some of these for my kids last week, and they are having a blast with them as well! Such a fun new art supply!

  5. I think your dollar store had more colors than ours. If I see them there again I am stocking up. They were a lot of fun. I like all your ideas for other things to do with them like the dot to dot or fingerprint type art. It is nice that with babies you can just let them explore and they love it. Thanks for sharing this with me. Glad to see it and share the fun!


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