Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

I just love summer. The past couple of years we have been creating a summer bucket list full of family activities to do together. By all  means this is not the only stuff we have planned, but it gives us a good start. Here is some of what I hope to do with the kiddo this summer: 
  1.  Feed ducks -Completed-
  2. Visit a splash park -Completed-
  3. Jump around in an indoor trampoline park
  4. Make popsicles -Completed-
  5. Dig for dinosaur fossils in the sand table
  6. Play with the kid wash we created last year
  7. Make a water blob
  8. Sparklers -Completed-
  9. Have a barbecue -Completed-
  10. Make smores -Completed-
  11. Paint with mud
  12. Ant experiment
  13. Slide painting
  14. Squeeze sidewalk chalk 
  15. Have a messy play date
  16. Make our own ice cream
  17. Draw on a sheet with fabric markers
  18. Have a themed movie night
  19. Host an ice cream party
  20. Eat a tomato from the vine -Completed-
  21. Visit lots of tall ships
  22. Zoo play date -Completed-
  23. Paint with rocks
  24. Pick strawberries -Completed-
  25. Pick blueberries -Completed-
  26. Practice riding bikes
  27. Learn to swim
  28. Run through the sprinkler -Completed-
  29. Revise our fairy garden -Completed-
  30. Create nature bracelets
  31. Great playground hunt
  32. Jump rope
  33. Play hopscotch
  34. Glowstick dance party
  35. Blanket fort
  36. Make a mud pie kitchen
  37. Tie dye shirts, pillowcases, everything
  38. Shaving cream slide
  39. Search for seashells -Completed-
  40. Make paper airplanes -Completed-
  41. Mentos and soda experiment
  42. Watch fireworks -Completed- 
  43. Go to an outdoor concert -Completed-
  44. Go to a movie on the beach
  45. Make rainbow oobleck
  46. Go fishing -Completed-
  47. Get a library card
  48. Have a breakfast picnic
  49. Make sun prints
  50. Make a solar oven
  51. Pop painting
  52. Try a new fruit
  53. Visit a rose garden -Completed-
  54. Create a lava lamp
  55. Camp out in the yard
  56. Blanket fort -Completed-
  57. Go to the movies- kid's choice -Completed-
  58. Visit a new botanical garden
  59. Go to a butterfly house -Completed-
  60. Glow in the dark hide and seek
  61. Farmer's market -Completed-
  62. Our annual trip to the sunflower fields -Completed-
  63. Give the kiddo a camera and let him take pictures
  64. Make a volcano
  65. Play with frozen jello
I'm very excited to start crossing things off! I am hoping to spend much of the summer enjoying the outdoors and nature. We love exploring new places, and I'm hoping that this list will help motivate us to try new things. What is on your bucket list this summer? 


  1. Hi Justine. I'm so glad you linked up again this year, you know I love your lists! I like the ideas of giving the kids a camera to take pictures, glow stick dance party, and rainbow oobleck...all of it really.

  2. Great ideas! So what is your fairy garden and a rainbow oobleck?

  3. Rainbow oobleck should have a link so you can learn about it more. Fairy gardens are fantastic. We made one last year that you can check out.


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