Friday, December 14, 2012

Sparkle Bath Paint

There are some days that my little guy is reluctant to take a bath. These days usually coincide with days when he is wearing a Band-aid that he really likes. I explain to him that I will put a new one on after bath time, but he loves that particular band-aid and "will miss it too much." So on those days, I have to find something to make taking a bath more alluring. Bath Activities for Kids, Santa Sparkle Paint did just the trick. In my house, when you add glitter to anything it suddenly makes it a thousand times more amazing. This was no exception.

I simply whipped up some homemade bath paint and dumped an outrageous amount of silver and green glitter into it. 

Logan covered almost all the surfaces of the tub with this paint. I had planned to rinse the paint off after his normal bath like we usually do, but he had other plans. He would paint a surface and then dump water over it to wash it off, and then he would squeal with delight as it mixed with the water in his bath. 

You can't see it from this picture, but it really sparkled! Once we washed the paint and glitter down the drain, he rinsed off in a nice bubbly bath. Mission Complete! Band-aid: Forgotten. 

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  1. Thanks for linking this fun bath paint to Tuesday Tots. I've featured it this week here Look forward to seeing what you link up this week :)


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