Monday, December 3, 2012

Dot Painting

This past week we read a book called The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds. It is about a girl whose art teacher tells her she must put something on her paper at the end of class. She makes a tiny dot. The next class, she comes back to find that the teacher has framed that tiny dot. The little girl thinks she can do better and soon she has a gallery full of all different types of dots. 

After reading the book, I asked Logan if he would like to make some dots. Using pipettes and liquid watercolor, Logan squeezed all different colors and size dots onto his paper. 

Soon, he too had a gallery of dots of all kinds.

We hung them on the fridge once they had dried. I always enjoy finding ways to extend the reading of books. It is way to expand the experience of reading the book. In this case, it allowed Logan to experiment with dots the same way the main character did. This activity really made the story seem relevant and come to life. I find that doing activities like this do not take much time to set up, but help to solidify Logan's love of reading.

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  1. How beautifully you have explored that story written in the book. I enjoyed reading your post. Well my little daughter always experiments using colors. She has great interest in Aboriginal Art and I love to hang these art paintings on the walls of my living room.


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