Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pin It Tuesday- Thanksgiving

I love holidays. Love, love, love holidays. I look forward to them even more than I did as a child, because now I have a little guy that I adore and I get to share everything with all over again. This week is our American Thanksgiving, so today I'm going to share just a couple of the things that I have been admiring on Pinterest  that help to celebrate this holiday.  

I am a HUGE fan of sensory bins. Luckily, my little turkey is also. This simple bin of fresh cranberries and water is just ripe for exploring. You could discuss floating versus sinking, and my guy loves anything that he can splash around in. Plus, cranberries are on sale right now for around two-ish dollars, so why not pick up a bag and let the kiddos investigate? 

At Making Learning Fun, they have free printable templates. These particular ones are meant to be made into puppets to play with! Knowing my little, he would probably love these so much that he would insist on bringing them with him to bed! I've been saving toilet paper rolls for a while so we can make these! 

Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving, if I don't mention some sort of food. These cute turkey cookies look easy enough to make with kids. Plus, they are a great way to use up the leftover bag of candy corn I have in my pantry.

My favorite part about Thanksgiving it is one time a year that makes people stop and really reflect on what they are thankful for in their lives. This gorgeous thankful tree is a wonderful way to visually display thankfulness. 

This last picture, I'm sharing because I'm a geek. I really get a kick out of it! 

Have you found anything Pinterest-ing  lately? Want to join in on the fun? Head over to Mommy Head Adventures and link up your favorite pins!


  1. I am sooo adicated to pinterest!! I love the dog and cat! That cracked me up!!!

  2. GREAT idea I'd have never thought to do the cranberries in a sensory bin! Wish I had but not about to venture out to the store. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I was looking for a unique and new idea for the sensory table in my preschool room and I ran across this cranberry idea on Pinterest. I went out and bought a bag of cranberries, some tongs, and some ice cream scoops not really sure what to expect, but the kids loved it. Moving the cranberries from bowl to bowl using the tongs kept them extremely occupied and interested. I had also added in some other Thanksgiving play food, such as a turkey and a cob of corn, to add to the Thanksgiving meal theme, but the kids were way more interested in those cranberries. It turned out to be a great idea!


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