Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun with Beads and Light

Here's the dealio.... I've been recovering from last week's birthdays extravaganzas. My son was born on my husband's birthday, so it's a bit chaotic. We had a party, celebrated on the actual day, and then there was the whole putting together and finding places in our house for many, many toys. Some are still homeless, as you read this. We are very blessed that our families are close and able to share in the celebration. But this week is the first that things are starting to get back to normal around here..... and it's already Thursday. 

One of Logan's presents from my husband and I was a light box. I figured with the days turning dark around 4:30, that we would be spending more time inside. A light box is a perfect way to make use of the darkness and engage in some playful discovery. I'll be sharing all the lovely DIY details soon. Today, I am sharing a fun activity that we were able to do with the light box thanks to

Last week, on a particularly cold and rainy day, after a morning full of lots of errands, I found a box waiting for me. When we opened the box up, it was loaded with goodies!

Logan instantly gravitated to the tiny tri-beads. I hadn't had a chance to think up an idea for them, and I knew he was too little to be able to successfully lace them, so I decided to bring out the light box and try them on there. Once I turned the lights on, and Logan dumped them onto the table. He was so excited that they were "glowing." 

This activity was completed under close supervision. Logan usually does not put anything in his mouth that is not food, but I sat with him and watched him explore. He did some color sorting.

He also created patterns, and asked me to complete them by saying, "What comes next, Mama?" 

And finally he added some of his toy figurines to play and pretend they were in a garden full of flowers. We've just started with the crafty goodness that was gifted to us, and we already are having so much fun!  is a website dedicated to giving you great ideas for kids crafts. They have a large variety of projects that would appeal to many different age groups, and are definitely worth checking out. To check them out you can go here

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  1. What a fun idea! Your light box looks like so awesome! My boys would love it. I will have to look into getting one.


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