Friday, September 3, 2010

Ketchup (21 Months)

Dear Peanut Boy,

Yes. That is one of my many nicknames for you, even though you hate peanut butter. You gave yourself your own nickname. You call yourself "LoLo Boy." I'm not sure where you came up with it, but I blame your Aunt Mo-geek (formerly known as Momo).

What's new this month? You can hold conversations now. You string words into sentences and can sing whole entire songs. Your favorites? ABC and Row, row your boat. You also sing songs you hear on the radio. One day you started singing that you wanted to be a billionare "so freakin' bad." Whoops..... You also love to sing the part in the Paramore song that goes, "you are the only exception." I had to stop for a moment to cover you in kisses. Speaking of kisses, you now tell me whether you want them or not. "No kissing on the nose, Mama" you'll say as you stick your little hand out at me.

You are D-R-A-M-A-T-I-C at times, my little friend. I love it. Declaring your scared is one of your new favorite things. Some of the things that you have claimed to be scared of recently? Smudge and Scout, the library, crayons, leaves, family members, Big Puppy (your stuffed animal), animals, Dora, and ice cream. "I'm scared of ice cream, Mama!" You even add a pretend shake for emphasis. I don't think you are really afraid, I think you just want hugs. I'm happy to oblige.

Love, Mama


  1. JUSTINE!! I just found your blog! This is so sweet!!


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