Tuesday, September 21, 2010

22 months

Dear LoLo Boy,

So, you've been on this Earth for twenty-two months. And you have accomplished a lot. Far more than your mommy has, and I am proud of you. You are a busy boy with a family that just adores you. It makes me happy to see that both sets of grandparents take such an active role in your life. You are just over the moon about all four of them.

You are so lucky to have so many wonderful aunts and uncles too. It's great daddy has such a big family, because beside your two aunts that are Mommy's sisters, you have twelve more from Daddy. They all think you are funny and smart. Which is true. You are a total comedian and I may be biased, being your mom and all, but you are soooo smart.

People stop me in stores all the time, and are amazed with how much you can communicate. You call all old men, "Papa." People are always comment on how cute and happy you are. Basically, you are just plain awesome!

Love, Mama

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