Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A while ago the dear old husband and I bought a house. We were completely cliche about it, since I was with child, and we were making room for baby. I thought we needed another room because the baby needed a place to sleep. Little did I know, I would be co-sleeping and needed a room for just his stuff. Cause babies have an amazing amount of stuff, but at least it is cute stuff.

Anyway, Internet, there are loads of things that are great about owning a house. Primarily, that you can take a shower without worrying about your neighbor turning on their water and scalding you while you are using your deep conditioning treatment.

What is not so great? When you buy a house you buy its problems. And while I love this house, even in its unfinished state, we are freezing. Because we live in New England, it is November, and the windows are horrible. We might as well not have any. Guess we'll just have to blast the kind-of-broken-not-heating-up heaters this winter.

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