Fall in Love with Autumn 2011

Last autumn we made a list of activities we wanted to try to accomplish. It's a lot of the same stuff, since some of these are traditions for us, but I'm adding a couple of new things.
  1. Celebrate Logan's 3rd Birthday
  2. Celebrate the husband's 30th birthday
  3. Go apple and pear picking
  4. Make apple butter
  5. Make an apple pie
  6. Walk through a corn maze
  7. Go to a fair
  8. Jump in the leaves
  9. Go trick or treating
  10. Make some autumn themed decorations for the house
  11. Plant bulbs for spring
  12. Get pictures taken
  13. Pick pumpkins
  14. Celebrate Thanksgiving
  15. Whip up some scented play dough
  16. Visit a new museum
  17. Visit a farmer's market
  18. Go to the zoo
  19. Feed chickens
  20. Go on a trip
  21. Make leaf art
  22. Make our very own light box
  23. Paint a pumpkin
  24. Go on a hike and enjoy the colorful leaves
I'm sure I will add to the list as the season goes on. What is something that you love to do in the fall? 
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