Thursday, October 17, 2013

Every Tuesday

Tuesdays have become a day for adventure at our house. Logan has no other activities or classes that day, so we usually pack a lunch and head out for part of the day. This past week, we stopped at an art museum which was featuring fairy houses inspired by the book, The Wizard of Oz

Each display shared a brief overview of a chapter in the book and then asked you to find something special hidden in the exhibit. The kiddo loved it all. Here is some of the pictures I snapped: 

Following the yellow brick road....

The munchkin land was his favorite part. He kept calling it "chipmunchkins" even after I corrected him. It was adorable. 

Remember the poppy fields? I never understood that part when I was a child. I love that they made the stems from garden hoses. 

He is never one to pass up a opportunity for a photo. 

This was the one of our first visits to an art museum. I can't wait to go to more. I already have our next art adventure planned. It involves glitter and unicorns, some of my kiddo's favorite things. 

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