Friday, July 19, 2013

Fly Swatter Painting

We have been very busy this summer with lots of outings, play dates, and adventures. We are out of the house so much, that I have had to make sure to give us some down time and just relax at home. One such day, L requested that we paint outside. I added fly swatters next to the paint colors, and he did the rest. 

I really wish I had learned from my painting with feet activity, and moved the fun down into the grass. Luckily, I used washable paint and was able to hose off most of the paint from the deck. This was noisy, colorful, messy fun. 

L first used his hands, and then quickly decided to experiment with the different pattern fly swatters. He was so engaged in the activity, that he didn't even notice that his bandage was falling off. This is normally very upsetting to him even though we are well stocked with all the Angry Bird, Mickey, and Hello Kitty bandages a house could possibly hold. 

Providing him with different tools to use in place of a brush, really made him attentive to his selection of color and placement. He loved to see the layers that formed, and the colors that blended. His favorite swatter was the flower, which left large swirly prints on the paper. He loved that smacking the swatter down made paint fly in all directions. 

This is more of a process piece, and we used a large piece of paper, which was completely filled by the end. Logan was still quite proud of his finished work. It is hanging on our refrigerator currently. 

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  1. Good idea - I've been meaning to try this too! I love the patterns the fly swatter produced. This would be a good activity to do when you're angry - slap the paper! lol


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