Monday, February 28, 2011

P is for Penguin

This week was the first official week of me trying to do some sort of formal-school-type-thing with Logan. In a previous life, before I came a stay at home mama, I was a elementary school teacher. And before that I was a special education teacher. And way back when, I even had a brief stint as a infant/toddler teacher. So, as you might have guessed, I think education is important. But more importantly I think having fun while learning is important. Since we only have a little longer of winter in this good ole northeast corner of the USA, I figured I would start with some winter themes first so they would actually be relevant to my little peanut.

In my free time, (aka after bedtime when I choose to go on the Internet, rather than wash my floors), I like to read a lot of blogs. Many of them are geared towards early education. I printed out the P is for Penguin unit from LAWTEEDAH.  I also got some ideas from The Peterson Party. The first day, I introduced the letter P. We talked briefly about the sound the letter P makes and we made a letter P into a penguin. I reviewed the letter every subsequent day.

We also did a color matching activity.  He still confuses some of his colors, so this was a great review for Logan. The actual matching was very easy for him, but he thought it was fun, and played this game a couple of times this week.

We also did a classic size sort which was provided in the LAWTEEDAH download. We went from largest to smallest and then smallest to largest.

Logan completed a penguin puzzle. He liked this activity, but it was a bit hard for him since the puzzle pieces kept moving around.

Logan also sorted penguins into three different categories. I introduced it as the Daddy (large), mommy (medium), and baby (small). By the end of the activity he was using the correct terminology.

We made a penguin out of hearts.

And there was another penguin matching activity using real pictures of penguins. Logan loved the pictures of the baby penguins.

I printed out these penguins and sang the song to go along with it. Next time I think I will laminate them and add magnets to the back so he can play with them more. He loves songs and this was a huge hit with him. He would ask to sing the song again while we were driving in the car or in the bathtub.

I also checked out a great number of books about penguins. I read both fiction and non-fiction to him. One of my favorites was: If you were a Penguin, by Wendell Minor. The text is easily accessible to young children, and it teaches them facts about penguins without being too long to lose their attention.

So overall, our first go around of "school?" It was successful. Next time, I might include some more songs and finger plays since he loved them so much. Perhaps I will also include a wrap up activity of the week, whether it be a movie or fun night. Next up in "school" is S is for snowman.

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