Friday, October 15, 2010

23 months

Dear Logan,

One more month and you will be two whole years old. Two. You know. You tell everyone who will ask. You also will tell them your first and last name, and just about anything you may want. Sometimes in a very loud voice. One might call it screaming, really, but I like to think of it as exercising your voice.

What are you like? Stubborn. Like really, stubborn. I wonder where you got that from....But you are also snuggle-y, happy, giggly, joyful, creative, and the greatest little guy ever. You love your tumbling class where you can run around, jump in the bounce house, walk on the balance beam, crawl through tunnels, and just burn off lots of energy.

You are just so much fun. I love love love being your mom.

Love, Mama

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