Thursday, July 8, 2010

20 Months

Dear Bugga Bugga Baby,

You are twenty months old. In four months you will be two years old. You know what you want, even if I don't agree. You talk and talk and talk. Constantly. You repeat any and every new word that comes your way. You finally tell people "love you!" I love it.

The other day I dropped a bunch of blueberries on the floor. "Oh no!" I exclaimed. You watched the blueberries rolling around. Your big brown eyes widened. "Oh....... crap! Oh crap!!!! Oh crap, Mama!!!" you shouted over and over again. Oh crap, indeed.

Some of your favorite things these days are your family, your cats, Cheech, swimming in the pool, Dora, storytime, reading, coloring, creating art, dancing, hula hoops, playing in the sand table, your toys, learning new things, and Mama of course. You are almost always happy and easy going. If you are sad, you let me know why. Then it is "I hunger, Mama," "I thirsty, Mama," "My teefth (teeth) hurting," or "I tired. I seep (sleep)."

Speaking of sleep, you now pretend to put your stuffed animals to sleep. "Puppy seep. Naptime, Naptime, close your eyes seepyhead...... Shhhhh! Mama! Puppy seeping. Awww..... hug puppy. Hugging. Good night." I wasn't kidding about the constant talking. Good thing I think you're adorable!

Love, Mama

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