Friday, May 28, 2010

First haircut

This past Wednesday, the husband and I took Logan to get his first haircut. His hair had gotten so long that curls were starting to go down his neck and over his ears. It was time. While I showered my husband made the appointment. My stomach hurt a bit when he told me it was for 10:30.

When we arrived, Logan seemed excited. I was thinking about his baby hair, which we would soon be chopping off. When it was his turn he had a choice of movie to watch. He picked Elmo. He also got to choose a car to sit in. He sat in the fire truck. So far, so good. When the hairdresser tried to put the drape over him, he freaked out. He started screaming and fighting. I ended up holding him in my lap, trying to distract him the whole time. I guess in a way, it was good since I wasn't able to focus on the hair falling onto the floor. I probably would have cried if he had sat nicely. When we left, he came out sporting a new shorter curly do. Still adorable, and still my baby. As for the baby hair? I got a couple of curly locks to take home with me for his baby book.

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