Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Music I once loved

Jaded- By Aerosmith

This song reminds me of the Spring of 2001. Spring typically represents beginnings. This particular spring represented an ending for me. This song reminds me of my little black Neon with the purple racing stripe on the side, driving with the windows down, blasting music and singing this song. I think about quaint coffee shops and explaining what happened over and over again to all the people that I knew in our small little town. It reminds me of sleeping all day and night for two months straight. But it also reminds me of other things. Things that are more worth remembering, like dropping 20 pounds without doing a single thing. I listen and I think of a handmade card from this wonderful new friend, skipping statistic classes, and a beat up Chevy Cavalier with crayon on the door. I am reminded of first kisses and talking on the phone until 2 in the morning. I think about boat launches and fishing in a rowboat on a deserted lake. I am reminded of hikes, holding hands, and thinking, "Oh my goodness. I have no idea what I am in for."

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