Monday, February 15, 2010

Learning to cook

When I got laid off from my job, I thought about all the time that I would have to focus on "those things." Those things being the things that I imagined I would spend my time doing if I didn't have to work. Things like organizing my closets and working out everyday. What I didn't count on was my then immobile baby suddenly becoming mobile, going down to one nap a day, and demanding my constant undivided attention. You know, the things that babies do when they start to toddle towards toddler-hood. Plus kissing my sweet little baby is a lot more amazing than cleaning out the sock drawer. Needless to say all of that was much better and more fun, so I didn't end up crossing items off my imaginary list with the type of relish that I had previously envisioned. I did read all the Twilight series though. And catch up on all my recorded shows on my DVR. As you can see, I utilize my time wonderfully while the little one naps.

But I suppose, I must give myself some credit. On the very top of that list was learning to cook. Mock if you will, but prior to this, my list of things that I could cook was very short. Two things short. 1. Pasta and 2. sandwiches. If I wanted to actually make myself look better, we could allow that both of these can manifest themselves in many ways, so I actually could cook many things. Of course, then I would have to remind myself that sandwiches are, ahem, not exactly considered cooking. So on this time off, I have started slowly adding to my cookbook. My favorite for a dinner is using the crock pot, which is almost always a surefire way to cook meat into some sort of texture that Bugga will actually eat. With each success has blossomed a new found love of cooking for the people that I love. My ultimate favorite is baking from scratch. Yummy, sinful goodness that often involves chocolate. If I could I would bake all day. But then I have to remind myself about #1 on my imaginary list: Lose weight. So I usually just settle for once a week. Or maybe twice.

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