Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Bucket List: Play in a corn pit

We have made a lot of progress on our fall bucket list. One of the very first things we checked off was to find a corn pit and dive in. I don't know if anyone else has one something like this near them, but I wish I had one in my backyard. Logan loved jumping in it, rolling around it, and playing with all the toys they provide. 

By the time he got out, he was covered in dust from head to toe, and had a great new fall memory. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Every Tuesday

Tuesdays have become a day for adventure at our house. Logan has no other activities or classes that day, so we usually pack a lunch and head out for part of the day. This past week, we stopped at an art museum which was featuring fairy houses inspired by the book, The Wizard of Oz

Each display shared a brief overview of a chapter in the book and then asked you to find something special hidden in the exhibit. The kiddo loved it all. Here is some of the pictures I snapped: 

Following the yellow brick road....

The munchkin land was his favorite part. He kept calling it "chipmunchkins" even after I corrected him. It was adorable. 

Remember the poppy fields? I never understood that part when I was a child. I love that they made the stems from garden hoses. 

He is never one to pass up a opportunity for a photo. 

This was the one of our first visits to an art museum. I can't wait to go to more. I already have our next art adventure planned. It involves glitter and unicorns, some of my kiddo's favorite things. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How We Play Wednesdays

Stickers are fun. Logan has a gigantic sticker book that has pages continuously being added. Sometimes though, paper just won't do. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Bucket List: Monster Cupcakes

Take one box of cake mix, some frosting, candy eyes, and lots of sprinkles. Add a little imagination, and you get lots of different kinds of monster cupcakes! 

The best part was seeing them all turn out so differently. We had Logan's older cousin from Hawaii visiting with us, and the activity spanned age divide. Everyone had fun, kids, tweens, and adults alike! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Bucket List

1. Play in a corn pit
2. Have a neighborhood Halloween play date
3. Slide down a giant slide
4. Paint a pumpkin
5. Go apple picking
6. Pick out your favorite pumpkin
7. Jump in a pile of leaves
8. Make leaf rubbings
9. Paint with acorns
10. Mad Science Lab
11. Go on a spooky nature trail hike
12. Hayride
13. Have a spooky dessert
14. Leaf art
15.Go to the zoo
16. Make a Halloween costume
17. Make Halloween cupcakes
18. Visit a children's museum
19. Celebrate Logan's fifth birthday
20.Go trick or treating
21. Make a gratitude tree
22. Drink cider
23. Play with autumn play dough
24. Play with slime
25. Make art for the grandparents
26. Celebrate Thanksgiving

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fly Swatter Painting

We have been very busy this summer with lots of outings, play dates, and adventures. We are out of the house so much, that I have had to make sure to give us some down time and just relax at home. One such day, L requested that we paint outside. I added fly swatters next to the paint colors, and he did the rest. 

I really wish I had learned from my painting with feet activity, and moved the fun down into the grass. Luckily, I used washable paint and was able to hose off most of the paint from the deck. This was noisy, colorful, messy fun. 

L first used his hands, and then quickly decided to experiment with the different pattern fly swatters. He was so engaged in the activity, that he didn't even notice that his bandage was falling off. This is normally very upsetting to him even though we are well stocked with all the Angry Bird, Mickey, and Hello Kitty bandages a house could possibly hold. 

Providing him with different tools to use in place of a brush, really made him attentive to his selection of color and placement. He loved to see the layers that formed, and the colors that blended. His favorite swatter was the flower, which left large swirly prints on the paper. He loved that smacking the swatter down made paint fly in all directions. 

This is more of a process piece, and we used a large piece of paper, which was completely filled by the end. Logan was still quite proud of his finished work. It is hanging on our refrigerator currently. 

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